Maybe It’s Time

 Songwriters: Stephanie Carlisi, Danielle Trudeau & Tim Kobza

Performed by: Lauren Jenifer Gates  (website link)

Maybe It’s Time was my very first co-write.  I wrote the lyrics with Danielle Trudeau, a soul sister of mine, in the Music Department at Paramount Pictures, after reading the Alfie script, circa 2004. Back then, the music department was in the Crosby Building, which is now a gargantuan, gazillion dollar Technicolor Complex. As those in-the-know know, there is no place on the planet like the music department at Paramount Pictures, especially when it was in the Crosby Building. Danielle and I were working for the president of the department. He was away, recording at Abbey Road, and we were kids in a candy store.  I had big dreams and stars in my eyes.  I wanted our song to go in the movie so badly, but, alas, I was up against Mick Jagger & Dave Stewart, so, it didn’t happen, not even close.  (They won a Golden Globe that year, Best Original Song Motion Picture, Old Habits Die Hard.)

I’ve come to think of Maybe It’s Time as my modern-day, Desperado—specifically Linda Ronstadt’s version, which, in my mind (and in Johnny Cash’s mind), is one of the most gorgeous recordings of all time.  I don’t fool myself into believing that this song is on that level of greatness, but I think it was a pretty solid first try.

A couple years after writing it, I had the good fortune of having the song critiqued by the producer of Linda’s version of Desperado.  In response to listening he wrote:  “OK, your song writing has taken a big leap forward. Big. You’re spending those nights in your new space at something with some real results…the song is beautiful. Ouch, yes…but beautiful.”

That was a pretty big moment in my plight as a fledgling songwriter.  I’ve learned to celebrate the little victories, as a means of survival, if nothing else. 

Last year I finally got the guts and the opportunity to perform Maybe It’s Time live, at music venues all over L.A.  It had been a dream of mine for ten years.  The experience, without a doubt, was far grander than the dream.  There is no high like it.  

I read an interview once in which Linda was asked to whom she was singing when she performed Desperado. She said she finally realized that she was singing to herself. I had that same experience with Maybe It’s Time. There came a time, not long ago, when I finally looked at myself in wondering why I always come up empty-handed. Maybe it’s time I landed. 


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