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Debut Single “International Love Assassins” – June 15th / EP to Follow

May 17th, 2018

First off, I  should let you know, my artist name is now Pineapple. That’s right, I am a forty-two year old, white AF woman from the San Fernando Valley, who makes a conscious effort toward eating a plant-based diet; my name is “Pineapple” and … wait for it … I  rap. Huh? This is all happening in real time and comes as a surprise to me. I  wouldn’t wish it any other way. 


For the past eleven months, my musical partner Nataraj Tribino and I have been working our asses off, cultivating a fresh avant pop musical collaboration. We call ourselves Illuminati, which means “enlightened ones” in Italian. Yes, our name is loosely inspired by the cult meaning of the word, which some use to reference the “deep state” government when it comes to conspiracy theory type conversation; however, we use the word more specifically in the glory of all its lightness. We believe ‘We The People’ possess all the power necessary to heal as individuals, as a species, as a race – the human race. Whatever powers-that-be have conspired, colluded or coincidentally stumbled into the systemic corruption and divisiveness that holds us back from unifying and tapping into our true potential as a people, cannot hold a candle to our light when we come together. At our core is an inherent human compassion for one another. We yearn to love and be loved. It’s that simple, but that love has been tainted and we have been programmed by fear, and, sadly, for profit.

Illuminati strives to bring light to darkness through our music and content. We have begun this movement with a desire to empower the people. Self-love and inner peace lead toward compassion for one another and global peace. 

Our debut single “International Love Assassins” invites our listeners to take a meditative look into the healing that lies inside each of us. As we examine our fears, breathe into them, dissolve them, in turn we project that same healing outward to our fellow humans. “We’ve gotta get right with ourselves, before we get right with each other, we’re all in this together.”

I.L.A. will be available June 15th. We are honored to have Nile Rodgers as a co-writer who plays rhythm guitar on the track. More info to come. Meanwhile, here is a video tease:

December 7th, 2017

As 2017 winds up, down and all around, I stand at a crossroads in my unlikely, uncommon and unexpected musical journey. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion life will be much different a year from now.  Always a good time to write. 

After searching for a proper producer for twelve years, I am currently recording on the regular and in the beginning stages of releasing brand new music with my partner/producer, Nataraj. We are creating under the name Illuminati Muzic

Our first single “Int’l Love Assassins” will be released early 2018, with a surprise musical guest.

My musical dreams are coming to fruition in serendipitous, synchronistic and seemingly destined ways. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  Now that I am finally releasing recorded music as an artist (opposed to solely as a songwriter), it seems appropriate to pay tribute to the song placements I’ve had over the years with some wonderful indie artists. As I developed my songwriting chops, as well as my own artistry, I was blessed to have such beautiful voices breathe life into my words.

Each and every one of these indie releases is meaningful and a foreshadowing of more to come on my path. In the past it was habit to focus more on what was not happening in my career than what was. These days I am in the mind-frame of cherishing every little victory along the way. Each of them has brought me to where I am today. In the perfect present. 

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~ Joyous Holidays ~

~ Merry Christmas ~

~ Happy New Year ~

~ Peace & Prosperity for all in 2018 ~


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