New Music Coming Soon

December 7th, 2017

New Music:

As 2017 winds up, down and all around, I stand at a crossroads in my unlikely, uncommon and unexpected musical journey. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion life will be much different a year from now.  Always a good time to write. 

After searching for a proper producer for twelve years, I am currently recording on the regular and in the beginning stages of releasing brand new music with my partner/producer, Nataraj. We are creating under the name Illuminati Muzic

Our first single “Int’l Love Assassins” will be released early 2018, with a surprise musical guest.

My musical dreams are coming to fruition in serendipitous, synchronistic and seemingly destined ways. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  Now that I am finally releasing recorded music as an artist (opposed to solely as a songwriter), it seems appropriate to pay tribute to the song placements I’ve had over the years with some wonderful indie artists. As I developed my songwriting chops, as well as my own artistry, I was blessed to have such beautiful voices breathe life into my words.

Each and every one of these indie releases is meaningful and a foreshadowing of more to come on my path. In the past it was habit to focus more on what was not happening in my career than what was. These days I am in the mind-frame of cherishing every little victory along the way. Each of them has brought me to where I am today. In the perfect present. 

See next tab: List of Song Placements to Date

~ Joyous Holidays ~

~ Merry Christmas ~

~ Happy New Year ~

~ Peace & Prosperity for all in 2018 ~

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