Indie Song Placements

December 2017:  Dear Mr. Scrooge is placed on A Las Vegas Christmas – Songwriters Edition; all proceeds benefit NF Network 

Artist: Tricia Battani/ Written by: Stephanie Carlisi, Tricia Battani, Nick Battani and G’harah “PK” Degeddingseze

“Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Charles Dickens fan especially his immortal A Christmas Carol. I don’t have a nativity set I have statues of the ghosts and Bob Cratchit and of course, Dear Mr. Scrooge. So when I first listened to Tricia Battani and her delightful song, Dear Mr. Scrooge I was enthralled. Yes on the surface she is singing to that stingy old miser from the 1800’s but the song is so cleverly written that the dual meaning can be used on so many levels. Brilliant. And still Christmas. And the music is sultry with a hip hop bluesy flare but it works magnificently. This truly will melt the cold heart of anyone that it is sung too. So think of that Scrooge in your life and have at their cold heart. So don’t be a Scrooge this holiday season. Buy this CD or you will be haunted by ME!!”

– Nick Ippolito, producer, A Las Vegas Christmas


September 2017: Keep On Drivin’ is released on Pain Passed Down, the latest album release of blues guitar great Shawn Jones (via Pepper Cake, German label of ZYX Music GMBH & Co. KG); the song is performed on tour across the U.S. and Europe and enjoys radio play in Europe

Artist: Shawn Jones Trio / Written by: Stephanie Carlisi and Shawn Jones


June 2017: Future is released on indie artist Todd Beeson’s Mavelty – Wake Up EP

Artist: Todd Beeson / Written by: Stephanie Carlisi and Todd Beeson


December 2015: Dear Mr. Scrooge is released as a debut (Christmas) single by Pop R&B artist Tricia Battani (via indie label, NoiseCamp Music)

Artist: Tricia Battani / Written by: Stephanie Carlisi, Tricia Battani, Nick Battani and G’harah “PK” Degeddingseze


July 2014: I’ll Let Go If You Let Go is released on Rob Giles’ Ghost of Gran Via EP

Artist: Rob Giles / Written by: Stephanie Carlisi and Rob Giles


September 2013: Ocean is released on self-tilted album of singer-songwriter virtuoso vocalist John Torres

A music video (by indie director Tory Nelson ) follows the song’s release and sweeps the indie film festival circuit winning several awards.


December 2005: “Yes Be Yes” is placed in the film Angels With Angles  (starring Rodney Dangerfield as “God” and Frank Gorshin as “George Burns”)

Artist: John Torres / Written by: Stephanie Carlisi, Tim Kobza & John Torres

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